Sunday, September 23, 1990

Heinz Pet Products: Recycling is a Primary Solid Waste Solution

The reliable steel can has been one of the primary pet food container for years. Today is no exception, but now, companies like Heinz Pet Products are making sure consumers know that the can itself has many wonderful benefits, just like its contents.

“Until recently, packaging disposal wasn’t really an issue for consumers,” said William R. Johnson, President and CEO of Heinz Pet Products. “Packaging must protect the product and enhance use and appearance, but it has always been something to open and throw away. But today, it’s different ... and rightly so. We care about our company’s impact on the environment, just as we care about the quality of our products, so it’s important to us to let people know that our steel pet food cans are 100% recyclable.”

Over the next year, shoppers will see the steel recycling logo on the following Heinz canned pet food products: 9 Lives Cat Food, Kozy Kitten Cat Food, Amore Cat Food, Vet’s Dog Food, Skippy Premium Dog Food, and Recipe Dog Food.

In addition to these brands, the following Heinz private label pet food cans will also display the logo: Walmart, Giant Foods, and Shur Fine. Heinz Pet Products has been working with private label customers and retailers to help ensure that they, too, promote environmental responsibility by placing the recycling logo on their steel pet food cans.

“Solid waste is everyone’s problem and recycling is a primary solution. We must all direct ourselves to it,” said William R. Johnson of Heinz Pet Products.

Monday, September 10, 1990

Del Monte Foods: Recognizing the Environmental Quality of Packaging

Del Monte Foods markets some 100 different products, from canned fruits and vegetables to fruit-based beverages and snacks, to microwave-ready vegetable side dishes. About 75% of the company’s products are packaged in steel cans.

In an effort to fulfill its commitment to environmental packaging and awareness, steel cans containing Del Monte Foods will display a recycling message, as well as a notation that the cans contain recycled steel. In fact, Del Monte is placing a recycling message on all of the recyclable containers it uses.

To convey its environmental message, one phase of the company’s trade and consumer advertising focuses on the environmental compatibility of the can, as well as its functional and attractive packaging qualities.

According to A. Ewan Macdonald, President and Chief Operating Officer of Del Monte Foods, “We are responsible for manufacturing and marketing a quality product, and we want our products’ packaging to meet that quality standard. An important indicator of a package’s quality today is its environmental compatibility. We know that the steel cans containing our products are 100% recyclable; we want to be sure that our customers know.”

Recently, Del Monte Foods hosted a forum to discuss packaging and the environment. Among those attending were representatives of major food and beverage retail chains. “Recycling doesn’t begin and end with Del Monte’s efforts, or those of any other single entity,” said Jacqueline Bogard, Environmental Director of Del Monte Foods. “It is an integrated, long term effort, one that will achieve its greatest success through cooperation among all levels of the private
and public sectors. At Del Monte Foods, we’re doing our best to ensure success by helping to create the infrastructure that alleviates the solid waste problem.”

Saturday, September 1, 1990

Campbell Soup Company Helping Rhode Island Recycle

The Campbell Soup Company knows that our environment is a precious resource. It also recognizes that, today,packaging can be a precious resource when it’s recycled. That’s why Campbell joined the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s Manufacturer’s Recycling Campaign, a broad-based effort to increase public awareness of recycling and of the private sector’s environmental commitment.

“Rhode Island’s OSCAR recycling program represents a strong and comprehensive effort toward reducing the area’s municipal solid waste burden,” said Jim Elsner, Corporate Vice President, Campbell Soup Company. “Our participation in the program helps to heighten consumer recycling awareness, show our commitment, and ensure that consumers understand that the steel cans in which our soups are packaged are 100% recyclable.”

One element of the campaign is a billboard program displaying a Campbell Soup can with a recycling bin, in which the steel recycling logo is prominently placed. “We like this concept,” said Campbell’s Elsner, “because it graphically demonstrates that the soup can is steel, and that it should be recycled. People recognize the soup can and the recycling bin, and we want to be sure that they also recognize the steelmark logo - not just as an indication that a package is steel, but that this package is recyclable.”

The Rhode Island awareness program encompasses shelf talkers, newspaper advertising, outdoor advertising, and other planned media exposure.