Saturday, September 1, 1990

Campbell Soup Company Helping Rhode Island Recycle

The Campbell Soup Company knows that our environment is a precious resource. It also recognizes that, today,packaging can be a precious resource when it’s recycled. That’s why Campbell joined the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s Manufacturer’s Recycling Campaign, a broad-based effort to increase public awareness of recycling and of the private sector’s environmental commitment.

“Rhode Island’s OSCAR recycling program represents a strong and comprehensive effort toward reducing the area’s municipal solid waste burden,” said Jim Elsner, Corporate Vice President, Campbell Soup Company. “Our participation in the program helps to heighten consumer recycling awareness, show our commitment, and ensure that consumers understand that the steel cans in which our soups are packaged are 100% recyclable.”

One element of the campaign is a billboard program displaying a Campbell Soup can with a recycling bin, in which the steel recycling logo is prominently placed. “We like this concept,” said Campbell’s Elsner, “because it graphically demonstrates that the soup can is steel, and that it should be recycled. People recognize the soup can and the recycling bin, and we want to be sure that they also recognize the steelmark logo - not just as an indication that a package is steel, but that this package is recyclable.”

The Rhode Island awareness program encompasses shelf talkers, newspaper advertising, outdoor advertising, and other planned media exposure.

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