Monday, February 11, 1991

US Can Delivers the Steel Can Recycling Message

The trailers that deliver US Can’s products carry two messages - US Can’s and steel’s. In major markets throughout the country, as the trucks make trips from the plants to their customers, the steel recycling logo is thus see by millions of Americans.

To prove its point about steel can recycling, US Can recycles the can scrap from its plants - to ensure that it is used as resource for making new steel products. Nd, according to John Moosbrugger, Director of Transportation, “We like to practice what we preach. We make steel cans; we recycle our scrap; and we think everyone else should recycle steel cans, too.”

When asked why US Can was using the steel recycling logo on its trucks, Moosbrugger replied, “Environmental education takes many forms - and needs to be promoted in as many ways as possible. Our trucks carry steel cans; what better place to promote recycling than on the vehicle that is delivering that cans to our customers. We’re concerned about solid waste, and we feel we can help by promoting steel can recycling.”