Thursday, April 4, 1991

Del Monte Adds Post-Consumer Steel Cans to Recycling Program

Plover, Wisconsin is home to one of Del Monte Foods’ can manufacturing plants and is a well-used steel can recycling location. Steel can scrap from the manufacturing process has long been shipped from the plant for recycling - and it still is today. But now this recycling program also includes post-consumer steel cans.

According to Pat Zalinski, Assistant Plant manager, “When we decided to initiate this internal recycling program, we sent a letter to our employees notifying them of the opportunity. He program has made progress, and now people are bringing their steel cans from home to our plant for recycling.”

By word of mouth, news of the program spread to the surrounding area, and as a result, various representatives from the University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point, St. Michael’s Hospital and several of the local public schools are now also using the plant as a recycling collection location for steel cans.

“We’re pleased that this recycling program has been so well received,” said Zalinski. “As a company, Del Monte Foods is very environmentally motivated. And it is important to us here at the plant to support the company’s efforts, as well as to help the community participate in recycling steel cans. We make the cans here, and we like knowing that they’re being recycled.”

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