Tuesday, April 23, 1991

Pineapples and Steel Complement Each Other at Dole

What do pineapples and steel have in common? One complements the other when they’re Dole pineapple products packaged in steel cans. Dole Packaged Foods Company has announced that it will be placing the steel recycling logo on steel cans containing its products.

“Every time a shopper picks up a can of our pineapple products and sees the logo,” said Bob McDevitt, Vice President of Technical Resources for Dole, “There will be a message there that the can is made of steel and it can and should be recycled. That’s why we’re doing this. We think it helps to raise recycling awareness.”

Among the products to bear the logo are Dole Sliced, Chunk, Tidbits and Crushed Pineapple products, Dole Pineapple Juices, and Dole Tropical Fruit Salad. These and other Dole products are distributed nationally.

“Our company is the number one producer of pineapple products in the world,” said McDevitt. “Our success has made us even more aware of the solid waste issues that confront every American. Dole is taking its environmental responsibility on other routes, including in-depth research into composting and efforts to explore the increasing use of packaging material with recycled content.”

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