Thursday, May 9, 1991

Stokely U.S.A. Helps Customers Recognize Steel’s Recyclability

Stokely U.S.A. has been bringing canned vegetables to the nation’s tables for over 80 years. Although the steel cans containing their products have always been recyclable; today, they are being recycled. Stokely wants to be sure consumers recognize this.

“We’re all responsible for helping to alleviate the nation’s municipal solid waste burden,” said Ken Murray, Director of Marketing for Stokely U.S.A. “At Stokely, we know that one of the ways we can help is by raising consumer recognition of he steel can’s recyclability. By adding the recycling logo to our Stokely’s Finest brand, we’ll be helping to get even more of them recycled.”

Stokely’s Finest is a premium line of vegetables distributed throughout North America, as well as to international locations. Since 1990, these cans have featured the steelmark logo with a recycling message.

Greg Linnemanstons, Marketing Manager, noted, “Using a recycling message on a package enhances recognition; it makes people think. The next step then is action, and we want to see that every steel can containing our products is recycled.”

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