Tuesday, June 18, 1991

Technical Innovation Combines with Recycling Know- How: Atlas Iron Processes Ferrous Materials

Steel cans have officially entered the list of materials that many scrap dealers will collect for recycling. But one scrap dealer has gone a step beyond collecting steel cans - this processor has demonstrated its enthusiasm through technological innovation.

Atlas Iron Processors, Inc. headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, has created a shredder specifically designed to shred steel cans and other post-consumer steel products (also called ferrous material) into an extremely clean product with uniform chemistry.

The new shredder has been instrumental in preparing the steel scrap that Atlas purchases from the Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Facility. Municipal solid waste is hauled to the resource recovery facility, and the ferrous material is magnetically separated. The Atlas facility then processes the ferrous. In addition, this Atlas operation processes steel
cans from numerous community recycling programs in the Cleveland area.

“While our shredding operation was originally designed to shred automobiles, white goods, and other miscellaneous scrap, we through it was important to explore other sources of raw material, so the operation was modified to also do municipal scrap,” said Paul Popovich, General Manager of Atlas Iron Processors.

Once the steel scrap is delivered to the Atlas yard, the shredding system processes the material at high production rates and generates a unique grade of #1 shredded municipal scrap that is then shipped to local steel mills.