Saturday, July 13, 1991

Out with the Old, In with the New: Recycling the Steel in Chicago’s Comiskey Park

The scrap industry can boast of yet another recycling achievement - this time, the recycling of Chicago’s Comiskey Park, the oldest stadium in major league baseball. Once dismantled, the park’s steel will be recycled, according to a report in American Metal Market.

By autumn, Cozzi Iron & Metal Inc. will have processed the stadium’s 5,000 tons of steel beams and girders, removing concrete and other extraneous building materials before cutting it into small lengths.

Next, the metal will be barged down to Nucor-Yamato Steel Company in Blytheville, Arkansas via the Calumet, Illinois, and Mississippi rivers.

The steel company will feed the remains to its electric-arc furnaces to be reformed into wide-flange beams for structural applications - maybe even a new sports stadium somewhere in the “field of dreams.” The modern Nucor-Yamato plant has the capacity to melt the entire lot of Comiskey Park scrap in one day.