Wednesday, January 8, 1992

Florida Steel Recycling Partnership - Key Recycling Programs Highlighted in Regional Promotion

This February, the SCRI and the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) launched the Florida Steel Recycling Partnership in Tallahassee. The purpose of the Partnership is to educate a broad audience on the recyclability of steel and steel cans. Companies, organizations, and government officials who have an interest in steel recycling were invited to attend the kick-off briefing.

At the briefing, both the SCRI and the AISI praised the state of Florida for its recycling efforts, which have led to a 40% steel can recycling rate. In addition, recycling programs in several communities throughout Florida were highlighted:

Tallahassee - In January 1990, Tallahassee began its commingled curbside recycling program with weekly pick-up of steel and aluminum cans, glass containers, plastic beverage containers and newspaper. In April 1991, the city initiated recycling for multi-family dwellings. In total, approximately 51,000 residential units are now served by the program.

Leon County - The Leon County recycling program began in January 1990, with eight drop-off collection sites strategically located through the County. Since then, the program has expanded to 14 locations, servicing 63,000 residents. The program collects 160 tons of recyclables per month; this includes steel and aluminum cans, glass containers, plastic beverage containers and newspaper.

Gainsville - A joint city-county recycling program in Gainesville includes curbside, apartment, and institutional recycling. Every week, 36,000 households are serviced by a commingled program that includes steel and aluminum cans, plastic milk and soda jugs, glass bottles, and newspaper. Residents of 4,000 apartment units participate in a similar recycling program.

Dade County - Dade County, through the Metro-Dade Department of Solid Waste Management, conducts a curbside recycling program of approximately 260,000 households. This is a two-bin program, with one bin for newspaper and one for commingled steel and aluminum cans, all colors of glass containers, and HDPE and PET containers.

Jacksonville - In 1988, Jacksonville began recycling at the curbside. In June 1990, the commingled curbside program was expanded to include approximately 196,000 households. Materials collected include: steel, aluminum, glass and plastic containers, newspapers, catalogs, magazines and brown paper bags. In addition to the curbside program, the city has 11 drop-off sites.

Currently, the Partnership consists of steel industry representatives, steel can producers and users, solid waste management officials, and recycling organizations. Members of the Florida Partnership include: Clean Florida Commission, Florida Business & Industry Recycling Program, Keep Florida Beautiful, Inc., and the Retail Grocers Association of Florida.

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