Saturday, September 11, 1993

From Cans to Coasters: Busch Gardens Completes Loop, Recycles Steel Cans

Visitors can enjoy the thrills of steel roller coasters, knowing that steel cans and other containers are being collected for recycling at the park.

The Loch Ness Monster. The Big Bad Wolf. Drachen Fire. Each summer, Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia draws more than two million people to its famed steel roller coasters, as well as to its crafts, ethnic food, and other attractions.

The latest addition to the park is not among its more than 30 rides, however. Beginning April 1993, steel cans have been a welcome addition to the park’s commercial/institutional recycling program. Employees collect steel cans from food service and maintenance facilities.

Food service employees empty and rinse steel food and beverage cans to prepare them for recycling. The cans are then collected in containers at the generation points. Park personnel empty the containers into one of two 30-yard trailers for steel cans.

“Recyclable one-gallon steel food cans are generated from food preparation areas throughout the park,” said Leslie Migliozzi, environmental manager for Busch Gardens. “We also use a significant amount of steel aerosol cans containing paints and lubricants for general maintenance. We are pleased to be able to include these empty containers in our recycling program as well.”

Employees transport partially empty and empty steel aerosol cans to one of two maintenance buildings. There, equipment is used to puncture the cans to ensure that any partially full aerosol cans are drained. The maintenance department than transports the empty aerosol cans to the same trailers that contain steel food cans.

Chambers Waste Systems hauls the trailers of steel cans back to its materials recovery facility in Newport News, Virginia. There, the Point, Maryland for processing and shipment to Bethlehem Steel, also in Sparrows Point.

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