Sunday, September 1, 1996

The Scoop on Scrap

Think all steel scrap is alike? Think again. The steel industry actually recycles three different types of scrap:

Home Scrap

. . . is scrap left over from steel production at a mill. This includes trimmings and defective steel coils. Today’s efficient steelmaking methods generate only about a quarter of the home scrap they generated just two decades ago.

Home scrap as a percentage of total steel scrap recycled:
1974: 60.5%
1995: 15.5%

Prompt Scrap

. . . is scrap left over from manufacturing processes. When steel lids for glass bottles and jars are made, any excess steel scrap is recycled. About 15 percent of the steel industry’s scrap needs are met by prompt scrap.

Obsolete Scrap

. . . is scrap obtained from post consumer steel products. This includes cans, cars, appliances and construction materials.