Monday, August 9, 2010

Naples Salvage Yard Thriving in Bad Economy

Naples News (Naples, FL) has written an excellent article on the Garden Street Iron & Metal scrap yard in Fort Myers, FL. Despite the tough times, they continue to be successful.

Here is an excerpt:

Near one of the openings in the warehouse’s walls, a man with white hair sits at a folding plastic table, pencil in hand.

It’s Earl Weber, the founder of the company, who just turned 80.

Today, he sits at a folding table with a clip board. A jar of hot sauce from the workers’ lunch sits beside it. Every few minutes, a man drives a small forklift onto a scale in front of him to deposit a container with steel for weighing. The businessman notes the weight, subtracts the container’s weight and adds it to the total.

“We ship all over the world,” he says. “You name it, we ship it.” He says it with pride. Ask him when he’s going to retire and he’ll say “Never.”

“When you enjoy doing something it’s not work,” he says, before turning back to his weights and calculations.

The rest of the article can be read here.

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