Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gregory L. Crawford and Brandie Sebastian honored by the National Recycling Coalition

PITTSBURGH, Pa (September 23, 2014) – The Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) received recognition from the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) as seven industry leaders were given National Awards at a special luncheon during the Resource Recycling Conference this past week in New Orleans by Resource Recycling Magazine.

Brandie Sebastian (Manager, Life Cycle Assessment) was awarded the Bill Heenan Emerging Leader Award, given to an outstanding individual under 35 recognized as a leader in their field. Gregory L. Crawford (Executive Director) received the highest honor, a Lifetime Achievement in Recycling award, recognizing him as an outstanding individual with a lifetime of leadership and dedication to the field.

Brandie joined the SRI in 2013, serving as the North American steel industry’s technical expert on life cycle assessment (LCA), modeling and practices. In this capacity, she investigates and promotes the life cycle advantages of steel vs. competing materials. In less than a year, Brandie has worked on the development and provision of life cycle inventory (LCI) datasets for North American steel products, integrated new North American LCI data into key databases, and engaged with international and domestic standardization and regulatory organizations. She is a certified LCA practitioner through the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment and is a member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group on the international standards for LCA (ISO TAG 207). Prior to joining SRI, Brandie spent over six years in environmental and sustainability consulting as a project engineer and manager. Brandie’s role and participation in North American LCA for steel is key to credibly advancing steel as the environmental material of choice in the automotive, construction, and containers market sectors.

Greg Crawford has spent his much of career working to maximize the recycling of post-consumer materials. He spent seven years with Reynolds Aluminum managing over 125 employees at five shredder plants and buy back network locations. Beginning in 1989, Greg became the Technical Director and later Vice President of Operations for the Steel Can Recycling Institute (renamed as The Steel Recycling Institute in 1993). His plan for the steel can recycling infrastructure resulted in the recycling rate of steel cans to grow from 15% (1989) to its current recycling rate of 71% (2012). From day one, he stated that all empty steel cans; food, beverage, aerosol and paint cans should be included in every community’s recycling program. With his assistance and guidance, the seven regional recycling managers completed 18 months of “infrastructure development” which involved meeting with municipal, county, and state recycling official, haulers, MRF operators, and scrap dealers, as well as each of the steel mills and iron foundries across the country to discuss the homogenous chemistry of “today’s” steel can and get them to aggressively purchase and melt steel can scrap. Greg worked with various government agencies and the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries to fully recognize increase the recycling of automobiles, appliances, and structural steel. Since becoming the Executive Director in 2010, Greg has guided the SRI’s efforts to collect and disseminate Life Cycle Inventory data for various steel products. In addition to serving on scores of recycling and construction related committees, Greg served the recycling industry as the Chair of the National Recycling Coalition and Chair of the Buy Recycled Business Alliance. He currently serves on the Keep America Beautiful board. He also served as Executive Director of the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition. Greg is retiring in January 2015. 

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